Properties of Porcelain

Mediterraneo Porcelain 4.0

Proprietà fisiche

Characteristics Norms / Test Methods Values
density EN 14617-1 / ASTM C 97 2.50
bending strenght EN 14617-2 50 MPa
water absorption EN 14617-1 .1 %
frost resistance EN 14617-5 RESISTANT
dry heat resistance EN 12722 / EN 438-2 5 / NO VISIBLE EFFECT TILL A 200°C
chemical resistance ISO 10545-13 / ASTM C650 RESISTANT TO CLASS A-C
cold liquid resistance EN 12720 CLASS 5-2
cleaner product resistance PTP 53 CATAS CLASS 5-3
abrasion resistance EN 14617-4 28,0 mm
hygiene properties CATAS EXCELLENT
resistance to fungus ASTM G21 NO FUNGAL GROWT
resistance to staining ASTM C1378 RESISTANT
shock resistance ISO 4211-4 / EN 14617-9 3 J

The study and analysis of new trends in architecture and interior design has led us to develop innovative solutions with composite materials, obtaining multiple advantages in terms of versatility, durability and refinement of surfaces.

Unleash your creativity with MEDITERRANEO SURFACE.

Created to best complement the spaces of man, Mediterraneo Surface has succeeded in an ambitious project: to create the perfect surface.

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